Auction Info

Auctions explained
Auctions have existed for more than 2,000 years and continue to grow in popularity every year. An auction occurs when consumers gather physically, or online, to buy an item by bidding against each other until the highest bid is reached. If you’ve never attended an auction, you’re missing out on a great time! Auctions are exciting and most importantly, auctions are fun! Auctions exhilarate and captivate everyone, from the opening phrase of “Let the bidding begin!” to the ringing sound of “Sold!” Everywhere you turn at an auction, there’s a thrill in the air as potential buyers finding an item they want and set out to successfully bid against others who want the same item. Auctions bring out the competitive nature in all of us! There’s an excitement about an auction that makes it a special event that draws people again and again. People participate in auctions out of curiosity about what unique or interesting items are for sale. There’s even more curiosity among bidders when it comes to the prices obtained at auctions. Auctions are also a great educational opportunity to learn about art, autos, furniture, and every type of property sold by talking to other attendees, sellers and auctioneers. You learn about values, construction of items, collection practices and much more when you participate in an auction.In order to help you enjoy your auction experience, read our answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed there, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The History of Auctions
Records handed down from ancient Greeks document auctions occurring as far back as 500 B.C. In Rome, around the time of Christ, auctions were popular for family estates and the selling of war plunder. One of the most significant historical auctions occurred in 193 A.D. when the entire Roman Empire was put on the auction block by the Praetorian Guard.American auctions date back to the arrival of the Pilgrims on America’s eastern shores in the 1600s and continued in popularity during colonization with the sale of crops, imports, livestock, tools, and entire farms. Colonels during the American Civil War were the only people allowed to auction war plunder and today many auctioneers carry the title of “Colonel.” Auction schools started in the early 1900s in the United States. The Great Depression created many opportunities for auctioneers as their services were needed to liquidate the assets of individuals and businesses hurt by the economy.As time has gone by, auctions have become more and more popular as a means to sell goods and assets. Technology has changed the face of auctions from the days where auctioneers would stand before an audience and call an auction, to today’s auctions where computers, cell phones, and fax machines are utilized daily.