Whether you’re selling sentimental prized possessions or searching to buy one-of-a-kind treasures, an auction is just the place to make things happen. Contrary to what some might view as complicated and time consuming, a fast-paced auction is one of the most efficient means of converting your property or assets into immediate cash. With the combination of pre-sale marketing and the auctioneer’s attention-getting chant, you could have enthusiastic, attentive buyers aggressively competing to purchase your property. We are an auction company specializing in on-site estates and personal property. We are licensed and insured. Our service includes a free consultation as we come out to meet with you and personally talk about your items for sale. We charge a reasonable commission (a percentage of the gross sale) which will be negotiated during the appointment and upon viewing your merchandise. Our goal is to make the process easy and hassle free, while maximizing the financial return for you. We handle all aspects of every on-site sale, from pre-sale inspections, to advertising, to marketing and, when required, legal transfer of title. We do more than just make the sale. It means organizing a business transaction and entering into a commitment to meet the needs of both our client and our buyers. We take responsibility for the entire auction. We dedicate many long hours preparing and planning the sale so that when the auction is over, the outcome is positive for both the buyer and seller.

Some of our responsibilities include:collectibles

  • Preparing the site for the auction and presenting your items in a way that will maximize your selling price.
  • Advertising the sale. It is part of our responsibility to ensure that people know about the auction, so we work hard to reach as many of them as possible through ads in the newspaper, fliers, posters, and website postings.
  • Keeping a financial record of all items sold. We keep a log of all item sold and it’s selling price.
  • Cleaning up the site after the sale. When the sale is over, we help tidy up the location, picking up debris and other items. We want to leave it as we found it before the sale.