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We wanted to thank you for your help in the organization and auction of my mother’s estate. As you know, the house contained an overwhelming amount of items and the family had been trying to get the house cleaned, organized and ready for an auction with little success. The Blue Skies staff did more in three weeks than we had accomplished in the previous six months. The online auction and the two auctions at the house certainly exceeded our expectations. We are very grateful for your hard work and understanding throughout the entire process. I can assure you that if we are faced with a similar situation we will be turning to Blue Skies for your help and expertise, and would recommend your services to anyone in a similar situation.

Jeff and Becky Keyton

I was impressed at the high level of professionalism with which you and your team conducted the auction.

Roger Gerbig II

The work you did to get ready for the auction was astonishing; our family could not have coordinated or organized the items like you did. The items were displayed very nicely and made us feel good about people we didn’t know reviewing a lifetime of memories of our family. The auction was professionally run and at all times made it clear to the auction group what was being bid on and gave very clear description of the items. I believe you worked very hard to get the highest dollar amount for each item that was auctioned. Once the auction was complete your team cleaned up all displays and tables, and made sure all trash was removed from the premises. I was amazed every item in the auction was sold and there was not one item my family had to move out of the house.

Mark Brewster

You have done a FABULOUS job!!! Thank you so much for cleaning out my Mom’s house and getting more than I expected for her stuff. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have totally exceeded my wildest expectations.

Vicki Nebes