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Families are overwhelmed, and Blue Skies AuctionSM is there to listen to your needs, offer options to address those needs and to follow it through to completion. We work with attorneys, bankers, museums, private clients and collectors. We enjoy working with people and making that transition easier.

We are equipped to be family estate advocates because we’ve been through it ourselves. We have helped family members downsize, helping them to leave their home, and begin the next phase of their life. We have the answers and a network of professionals, to assist families through the process of transition.

Blue Skies AuctionSM is also the only auction company in the area that offers the option of on-line bidding. We have coordinated many successful online sales in the past and have found that in certain cases it can be the most beneficial option.

    How we operate:

  • Free consultations: After reviewing potential auction items, we assist in selecting what type of auction will best serve your needs.
  • Short notice auctions: We can prepare your auction quickly.
  • On-site or Online. Which type of auction best meets your peronal needs.
  • No up-front cash: We conduct the auction with no payment prior to auction
  • Advertising: It is our responsibility to ensure that people know about the auction, so we put together a complete marketing plan for every auction.
  • Fast payment: We settle up with our clients as soon as possible.
  • Documentation: You will receive an itemized, detailed record of each item sold and how much it sold for.
  • Sales tax: Some estates are exempt from sales tax. If it’s required to collect sales tax, we take care of collection and payment of all sales tax associated with your auction.
  • Cleaning up the site after the sale. When the sale is over, we help tidy up the location, picking up debris and other items. We want to leave it as we found it before the sale.
  • We can help prepare the real estate for the market. Mark Bisch is a real estate broker with Apple Tree Realty, Kokomo, Indiana.

We are problem solvers and have a solution for any situation. Find out how to get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page.

Blue Skies AuctionSM also offers an appraisal service.